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Baby Hoops Silver


✧ Sterling silver 

✧ 92.5% highest purity suitable for jewelry 

✧ Items can last over time with the correct care and attention 


8mm in diameter


Zircon is the oldest mineral on earth and is found in the crust of the earth. It is often used to harmonize one's inner goals and dreams.
Moonstone holds the power of mystery to women. It reveals the feminine power and enhances the intuitive side of the mind.
Prehnite enhances spiritual growth and assists life from a heart based perspective.
Smoky Quartz gently dissolves negative energies as it encounters them, allowing positive frequencies to take their place.
Iolite, in shades of violet-blue carries the spirit of journey, of dreams and intuition. It activates the creative side of the mind, accessing thoughts and ideas beyond the ordinary.
Amethyst stimulates and soothes the mind and emotions. It carries the energy of passion and spirituality.
Amazonite soothes the spirit and calms the soul. Called the Stone of Courage and Truth, it empowers one to search the self and discover one’s own truths and integrity.


✧ Handmade natural linen bags 

✧ Stone cards defining each unique energy


Each item is handcrafted in Barcelona with the highest quality to last over time.


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