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Born out of the desire to create jewelry that complements your skin, For Adélie cares about embracing your natural beauty and channeling your inner goddess. Sacred Arts form the basis of our brand vision - creating things with meaning, soul, and passion. You can wear our pieces layered or stacked and enjoy the feeling of confidence they will bring into your life! 

Adélie represents a girl who is natural, pure, and unique; an aligned name for what the brand stands for. She is not one person; it can be you, me, or anyone who cherishes their natural side. 

You might be wondering where the magic happens... It all comes to life in our small studio based in Barcelona. We mindfully handcraft all the jewelry and carefully choose natural stones. The energy within the stones will help you connect with everything that surrounds you.  

Our symbol is inspired by the Moroccan Zellige and Spanish tiles. The word “Zellige” means little polished stone in Arabic. This unique combination portrayed by earthy colors became the visual demonstration of our brand’s soul.