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Our Story

For Adélie was born out of the desire to create pieces that go within your skin. 

Aiming to create jewelry that can be stacked, layered, personalized, or worn as-is to suit any look and occasion.

Each item from For Adélie jewelry is mindfully handcrafted in the heart of Barcelona.

The jewelry pieces come along with natural crystals that are carefully chosen for each and every design.

The brand embodies timelessness, encouraging conscious purchasing rather than fast fashion. 

We have a deep appreciation for the Sacred Arts - things created with meaning,

with soul, with passion.

Whilst exploring Marrakesh and Granada in our latest travels,

we gained a deep appreciation for the Moroccan Zellige and Spanish tiles details.

This unique combination - inspired by earthy colors - led us to the creation

of our new symbol. 🕊We hope you love it as much as we do.

The word "zellige" comes from Arabic and means “little polished stone”.

The purpose was to imitate North Africa Greco-Roman mosaics,

not by assembling pieces of polished marble,

but fragments of colored earthenware tiles.

Zellige shares the same etymology as "azulejo” - a painted

ceramic tilework - used in Spain and Portugal.